Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex IV15

Letter to Ms Eileen Eggington QPM from David Price Solicitors & Advocates


We write further to our letter of 11 June and your response of 20 June.

We note what you say in relation to the Mail on Sunday article. However, you have not addressed all the questions that we posed.

1.    You do not appear to take issue with the fact that an employee of a solicitor owes a duty of confidence to the clients of the solicitor's firm and to the solicitor employer. Please let us know whether you accept this proposition.

2.    Furthermore please let us know whether you accept that the duty of confidence continues after the termination of employment.

3.    Please also let us know whether you accept that a third party who receives the information from the employee also owes a duty of confidence to the solicitor and clients of the practice.

4.    Do you accept that you have been given information concerning our client's practice by Mrs Gresty?

5.    If so, please let us know what information has been provided to you.

6.    Do you accept that you induced Mrs Gresty to disclose such information?

7.    What have you done with the information that has been provided to you by Mrs Gresty?

8.    Are you intending to make any further disclosure of any information that you have received from Mrs Gresty?

9.    Do you have any documents emanating from our client's practice?

10.  If so, please identify the documentation.

11.  Insofar as any documentation that you once had but no longer have in your possession or control, please identify the documentation and let us know what has become of it.

12.  Will you give our client an undertaking not to disclose any information concerning her practice that you have acquired from Mrs Gresty?

We look forward to hearing from you within 7 days failing which proceedings will be issued without further notice.

7 November 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002