Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex I4

Letter to Mr Keith Vaz MP from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


When I wrote to you on 15 November 2001 I responded to your request for a timetable for giving you my draft memorandum, saying that I hoped to let you have it in December. I also said I would be able to let you have a week to provide your suggested corrections and any further comment you wished to make. (You may be aware that Members are usually given 48 hours to look at a draft memorandum.)

You replied on 18 November that five working days were insufficient. You said that if I "could possibly bring this forward to late November or the first days of December, this would be very helpful to Mr Bindman and myself".

To try to meet your request I enclose the draft memorandum today. You will see that some of the jobs which I prefer to complete before giving the draft to the Member still have to be done; eg the cross-referencing and footnotes have not had their final checks, nor have all the punctuation and typographical mistakes been eliminated.

The draft memorandum and annexes are complete, and of course you are familiar with the majority of the written material since it is in the correspondence between us. You will see that I have removed personal information not relevant to the allegations. However if there are other such instances please draw them to my attention. I shall also be recommending to the Committee that some of the material in the Annexes is not published.

May I remind you that this document should be kept entirely confidential to you and your adviser and should not be shown to, or discussed in any way, with any person.

Please would you let me have your suggested corrections of fact and any further comments by 8.30 am on Monday 10 December 2001. Any comments you make will be appended in full to the Committee with my memorandum.

I shall consider any response or corrections you wish to put to me before completing my memorandum. My memorandum will then be sent to the Standards and Privileges Committee.

30 November 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002