Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex i4

Letter to Ms Maria Fernandes from the then Chairman of the Committee on Standards and Privileges


The Committee agreed today to require further information to be provided to the Commissioner on payments made by the Hinduja family or Foundation to Mapesbury Communications.

We understand that Mapesbury Communications organised a reception at the House of Commons which was funded through the company by the Hinduja Foundation.

Would you please provide the Commissioner with the following information, together with the accounts and the underlying records which support it:

1.  Did Mr Vaz sponsor this event at the House of Commons?

2.  Did the Hinduja Foundation make a payment to Mapesbury Communications in respect of this event?

3.  For what purpose was the payment made?

4.  What was the date of the event?

5.  Please state the amount, the date paid and details of the account into which it was paid.

Would you also please inform the Commissioner whether the company has received any other payment, at any time, for any purpose from any member of the Hinduja family or their Foundation.

Mr Vaz informed me yesterday that he believed that you had included a payment from the Hinduja Foundation in the list you recently showed me. Please would you also provide the Commissioner with the extract from the list which shows this payment.

20 March 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002