Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex i17

Letter to Ms Eileen Eggington QPM from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Thank you for your letter of 26 March 2001 and the statement made and signed by Mrs Rita Gresty.

You raise complaints concerning the possible failure of Mr Vaz to disclose financial links to the Hinduja family during my recent investigation and its consideration by the Standards and Privileges Committee.

You may be aware that I am currently investigating such allegations and I will look into the concerns which you raise which relate to Mr Vaz.

As I am sure you will understand, I have no remit to look into matters concerning other members of the public unless their actions are linked to a Member of Parliament.

If Mrs Gresty has evidence of Mr Vaz's involvement or actions in relation to these matters, she should provide it to me. In particular, please would Mrs Gresty let me know whether she has evidence of Mr Vaz's involvement in the passport applications connected with the Hindujas, whether fees were paid in all the cases she cites and, if so, the amount in each case.

Turning to the other names mentioned, please would Mrs Gresty let me know if she has evidence of Mr Vaz's involvement with the passport applications for the family of Mr EM, with the assistance provided to Mr JAl or with any fees which resulted from these activities.

If Mrs Gresty believes that any named official in the Immigration and Nationality Service has acted improperly, she, or you, should write to The Director-General, Stephen Boys Smith, The Immigration and Nationality Service at —

Appolo House
Wellesley Road

I look forward to receiving any further details and I will write to you again in due course.

28 March 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002