Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex i26

Letter to Ms Maria Fernandes from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

May I begin by thanking you both for coming to see me on 4 July and for answering my questions with patience.

As I said, I am now sending you the record of our discussion for you to correct and to make additions so that I may ensure that I have an accurate account from you which is as full as possible.

You will recall that you also offered to try to obtain some additional pieces of information for me. In particular:

Mapesbury Communications

1.    The dates which relate to the history of the company and show the activities it was engaged in throughout its life.

2.    A list of all the events which Mapesbury Communications organised with dates.

3.    Details of the work which the company carried out for the Asian Business Network and the events organised for the Network.

4.    The payments made by the company to Wildberry printers with dates.

5.    The dates during which Mr Pathan was a director of Mapesbury Communications.

6.    The amounts paid in salaries and fees to directors and employees for each year.

7.    The rent paid each year to Acacia Holdings in respect of Savant House or any other property occupied at any time by Mapesbury Communications.

In addition, the answers to the questions set out in my letter of 14 May 2001 which are outstanding are as follows:

8.    The period covered by the list which you provided to The Chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee with your letter of 10th May headed "List of clients, events and payments in and out in the knowledge of the directors of the company".

9.    As you have confirmed that the list "should not be considered conclusive", would you kindly inform me of the total amount in round numbers covered by the entires on the list, with dates, and the total income received by the company in each of the years covered by the list?

Fernandes Vaz legal practice

10.  So that I have a complete picture of all your transactions with the Hinduja brothers, the Hinduja businesses and Foundation I would be grateful if you would approach any client who is connected in any way with the Hinduja brothers, businesses or Foundation to seek their agreement to disclose to me a list of the activities carried out for them with dates and the payment received for each piece of work.

As requested, I enclose the back-up tape recording made by the note taker.

May I thank you again for your help with my inquiries and in advance for your help with these questions.

10 July 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002