Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex i30


Comparison of dates of Mr Vaz's and Ms Fernandes's interventions with Ministers or officials on immigration issues related to the Hinduja brothers and Mrs Mary Matin/Ahmed[176] and Invoices submitted by Fernandez Vaz to the Hinduja business

Mr Vaz's Interventions[177]
as recorded in the Hammond Report and in the letter from Mr Boys Smith
Invoices submitted by Fernandez Vaz
to the Hinduja Business
Dec 1993
Letter to Charles Wardle, Minister for Immigration and Nationality enquiring about scope for waiving rule on excess absence from UK
Jan-Dec 1994
Various letters to Mr Andrew Walmsley, Head of Nationality Division enquiring about progress of applications
Feb 1997
Letter to Mr Walmsley enquiring about progress
17 July 1997
Letter to Mr Mandelson about lack of Asian projects in the Dome
30 July 1997
Ms Fernandes telephoned IND to say Fernandez Vaz were representing Mrs Ahmed
15 January 1998
Letter to IND about Mrs Ahmed/Mrs Matin
15 Oct 1998
Letter thanking Mr Walmsley for his help with case of S P Hinduja
6 January 2000 : £ 1,410
4 January 2001
Letter to IND with an application for Mrs Matin to remain in the UK on the basis of marriage
16 February 2000
Letter to Minister of State, Home Office enquiring about progress on case of Mrs Ahmed
20 March 2000 : £ 648
18 July 2000 : £ 763
21 July 2000 : £ 282
3 May 2001
Meeting at House of Commons with Minister of State, Home Office about Mrs Matin

176   Ahmed is Mary Matin's married name. Back

177  .Mr Vaz became a Minister on 27 May 1999. Back

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