Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex ii1

Letter to Mr Geoffrey Bindman, from the Clerk of the Committee on Standards and Privileges

We spoke this afternoon about Mr Vaz's offer to use his good offices to secure from Mapesbury Communications the information the Committee is seeking.

The Commissioner's questions to the company—which the Committee wish to have answered—are as follows:

    "1.  What was the purpose of the company when it was established and has the purpose changed in any way since that date?

     2.  I understand that money related to Mr Vaz's calendars was processed through the company. Please would you provide me with extracts from the audited records which shows these transactions, including details of who provided those contributions and the payments made from them.

     5.  It may be that some of the material published by the company includes Mr Vaz's name, if so, please would you list such publications and provide me with details.

     6.  Please would you provide me with copies of the full audited accounts for each of the years the company has been in operation with the underlying records which show all the payments into and out of the company, since it was set up."

The Commissioner attaches particular importance to being able to see the supporting material referred to in questions 2 and 6.

31 January 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002