Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex ii21

File note by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


29 MARCH 2001


Chris Hastings and Rajeev Syal from the Sunday Telegraph asked to see me because they had other information to give me. They brought with them a letter from V. Gresty. They also provided me with a note prepared by Eileen Eggington, 15 February 2001, and highlighted the parts in it which related to Mapesbury. They also provided a phone number from the BT website, giving the address of the Asian Business Network, 70A Teignmouth Road, London NW2. According to Chris Hastings that was also the number listed in directory inquiries until yesterday when it was changed. The address is the address of Mapesbury Communications 70A Teignmouth Road.

They also told me they have been receiving regular telephone calls from a person who says that he is a member and highly involved in the Asian Business Network, informing them of concerns about activities within the Asian Business Network. For example that a conference was held at the Connaught Rooms which was organised out of Keith Vaz's Parliamentary Office in Norman Shaw which obtained very large scale sponsorship, delegate places were expensive but there is no clear trail of where the money went from that conference.

They said that the informant had also told them that Mr Nanda had not signed the letter which has been sent to me in reply to my questions to him. The informant says that Keith Vaz signed that letter and has been given authority by Mr Nanda to sign his name on letters. The informant says that Mr Nanda is very concerned that I will discover that he did not sign the letter.

I had the impression when this meeting was requested that considerable information was available which would be given to me. However, no further information was given.

The reporters had told Eileen Eggington that I was investigating the matter she had raised with me.

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Prepared 8 February 2002