Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Fifth Report

Annex ii59

Letter to Mr Mohammed Pathan from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

Transcript of meeting on 4th July 2001

You should have received a telephone message from my office reminding you that we have not received a corrected transcript from you. I have today received the transcript corrected by Ms Fernandes. In your letter of 2nd August 2001 you said you had contacted Ms Fernandes and there were a number of points in the transcript which needed clarification. Please would you confirm that the transcript as returned by Ms Fernandes includes all the corrections you wish to suggest.

Connaught Rooms Booking

I now turn to a further point on which I need clarification from you arising out of our meeting on 4th July.

During our meeting I asked you about a possible connection between Mapesbury Communications and Coleridge House. As you will have seen from the transcript of our discussion, the exchange between us ran:

EF:    "How is Mapesbury Communications connected with Coleridge House?"

MP:  "Coleridge House?"

EF:    "It is not?"

MP:  "No."

EF:    "That does not mean anything to you"

MP:  "No"

Later on, another exchange took place, as follows:

EF:    "Mapesbury Communications booked an event on 23 June 1999 for the Asian Business Network at the New Connaught Rooms. Did you book that event?"

MP:  "Sorry, say that again?"

EF:    "I believe that Mapesbury Communications booked an event at the New Connaught Rooms on 23 June 1999 for the Asian Business Network. I was asking whether you were involved in booking that event?"

MP:  "No, nothing I know about, no. The event, no."

I have been provided with information that the booking for an event held in the New Connaught Rooms by the Asian Business Network on 23rd June 1999 was made by Mr Hanif Pathan of Coleridge House, 4/5 Coleridge Gardens, London NW6. I understand that you collected the fees for this events. I have also been told that Mapesbury Communications were involved in a meeting at Coleridge Gardens around October 1988[178] and that you were present at that meeting.

I understand that in June 1999 you had an office in Mr Vaz's Leicester constituency office where you collected the fees for the conference held on 23 June 1999. On what basis were you employed in Mr Vaz's office? Over what period did you work at that office? Into which account were the conference fees paid?

In the light of the information I have set out above I would be grateful for your explanation of these apparent discrepancies, and would you let me know whether there is anything you would like to say adding to or altering anything which appears on the transcript?

I would be grateful for an urgent reply now that two months have elapsed. You may prefer to discuss these matters with me and, if so, please telephone my office.

10 September 2001

178   Correctly 1998, but see answer in Annex ii67. Back

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