Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 4

Letter to Ms Maria Fernandes

from Bulfin & Company, Employment Law Solicitors


Thank you for your letter of 18 July 2000. We are pleased to deal with the issue that you raise:

We stated in our letter that no veiled threat or other intimation was intended as this was genuinely the case, however, we can understand why you may have viewed our comments with concern. The fact is that our client considers that her current position gives rise to a prospective constructive dismissal claim. Hearings in the Employment Tribunal, as you are no doubt aware, are open to the public and the names of the parties are contained in lists published by the Employment Tribunal. We appreciate that your husband has no connection with your firm, nevertheless, the name of your firm and the fact that you have a high profile within the Law Society may attract media interest. Our point in leading to this was to draw your attention to the fact that this matter could be concluded without the need for a public hearing, by way of a Compromise Agreement in which our client would be prepared to agree to confidentiality.

We hope this has clarified the issue and look forward to receiving your comments with regard to the substantive issues.

If you would prefer to discuss this matter on the telephone, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Karen Bulfin of this Firm.

19 July 2000

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