Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Index to Annexes

1.    Letter dated 27th September from Sir Gordon Downey, former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards[4]

2.    Dealings with Gresty Family[5]

Order of Service: Mr Gresty's claims about playing at event[6]

Note prepared by Mrs Gresty re: Barclays Bank[7]

3.    Correspondence between Mrs Gresty, Mr Gresty and their Solicitors concerning employment matters with Ms Fernandes[8]

4.    Comparison of Miss Eggington's letter of 20th January 2001 to Ms Fernandes. "A" version submitted to Mrs Filkin by Miss Eggington "B" actual version of letter

5.    Article in The Mail on Sunday—3rd June 2001[9]

6.    Cuttings re publication of leaked Report: The Sunday Times, The Guardian and the Times[10]

7.    Cuttings, publication of Mrs Filkin's memorandum dealings with The Observer [11]

8.    Mrs Filkin's reappointment and allegations that I was part of a "Whispering Campaign"[12]

9.    Letters to Sir George Young Bt MP and The Guardian re: "the whispering campaign"

10.  Letter & Newsletter from Skillshare Africa (Peene Complaint)[13]

11.  Correspondence with Sir George Young Bt MP regarding process[14]

12.  Surgery list and case file on Mr Peene[15]

13.  Case file on Pauline Williams[16]

14.  The Investigation Process: Copy of the Ninth Report[17]

15.  Relevant extract from the Code of Conduct: Overseeing the work of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards[18]

16.  Sir Anthony Hammond KCB QC's Review of the Circumstances Surrounding the Hinduja applications: Chapter 7[19]

17.  Transcripts by Mrs Filkin with

—  The World at One, BBC Radio 4, 22nd December 2000—13.10 hrs (from Jerusalem)

—  The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4; 5th December 2001 (from London).

4   See Appendix 4, Annex 10. Back

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7   Not printed. Back

8   Not printed. Back

9   Not printed. Back

10   Not printed. Back

11   Cuttings not printed. Back

12   Not printed. Back

13   See Appendix 4, Annex1. Newsletter not printed. Back

14   See Appendices 6 and 11 below. Back

15   Case file not printed. Back

16   Case file not printed. Back

17   See Ninth Report of the Committee on Standards and Privileges: Complaints against Member of Parliament: The Investigation Process (Session 1999-2000, HC 403) . Back

18   See The Code of Conduct together with The Guide to the Rules relating to the Conduct of Members, approved by The House of Commons on 24 July 1996 (HC 688). Back

19   See Review of the Circumstances Surrounding an Application for Naturalisation by Mr S P Hinduja in 1998 by Sir Anthony Hammond KCB, QC, March 2001 (HC 287) Back

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Prepared 8 February 2002