Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 12

Extract from surgery list, 17 April 1999


Mr Peene





  [Tel. no.]

Note to Mr Keith Vaz MP

from Mr McGinty, Law Officer's Department

This correspondence and the covering letter from you eventually filtered down to me. Mr Peene's case is very well known. There are, basically, two threads to his allegations. The first is that the legal unit of the DTI is in some way corrupt. This has been fully investigated, both internally and by the police. There has been nothing to support Mr Peene's allegations.

The second relates to his treatment by the DTI—he was moved to MAFF somewhat unwillingly. This complaint is being investigated.

There is nothing really here for the AG in terms of responsibility and it is a matter we would very much want to avoid getting him involved in if possible. The correct recipient of your letter would be the DTI minister—currently Mr Byers.

I hope this is helpful. Please ask if you need any further information.

8 April 1999

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