Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 13

Message to Mr Keith Vaz MP

Liz Williams rang today with the following message:

She was contacted yesterday (25/10/00) at 4.08 pm by a journalist called Jonathan Oliver, a Political Correspondent at The Mail on Sunday. He telephone number is * * * and his mobile is * * *.

He was making enquiries about people working in the office not on the payroll. He also asked Liz what did she think of you. She said that she thought you are a very good MP and strongly supports you. She said she did not know why Cllr Simons has a problem and what other people have against him.

Mr Oliver said if Liz thought you were such a good MP, why did she join the Liberal Democrats. She said she left the Labour Party because of the cuts to on line services, but that did not mean she did not think you were a good MP.


Extract from letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

from Mr Keith Vaz MP

Thank you for your letter of 15th November 2001 following our conversation.

148  When we met after the Mail on Sunday article was published you asked for a "paragraph" on my response, Pauline Williams then saw you. You have not shown me a copy of the statement she has made. You told me that you have no documentation in your possession that you would like to put to me.

149  I am providing you with Pauline's file on your assurance that you regard the consent form that you drafted as sufficient. I prefer the one I sent you as it will cover all eventualities, however you said to me that Pauline was aware that information she gave you may be published and indeed co-operated with its publication in the Mail on Sunday.

150  I have no "disputes" as you suggest. As you will see from the file Pauline has thanked me several times for my help see especially the first three documents marked A, B and C. I have helped her with the following matters:

  * * *

18 November 2001

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Prepared 8 February 2002