Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


   Letter to the Clerk of the Committee

from Mr Keith Vaz MP

I thought I would give you a formal response to your letter of 22nd January 2002 even though we have spoken several times and I have also spoke to [the Second Clerk of the Committee].

1.  [The Second Clerk of the Committee] says that he has all the information he needs for the printing of the Annexes and does not need anything further.

2.  I have given you the Transcripts and the corrections from the oral evidence session and I set out below some additional information which Members of the Committee asked for during that session.

3.  I understand that my mother has sent you her letter to Mr Gargan and she will send you his reply.

4.  I will bring the Annexes and the requests for deletions in the Annexes and in the Report on 4th February 2002.

5.  I would be grateful if you could ask Mrs Filkin to supply me with the information I requested in my letter of 26th December 2001 as I believe that it has a direct bearing on these matters.

6.  I hope that you have received from Bindman a copy of the Advice from Michael Beloff QC and I hope that it has been circulated to the Committee.

Points raised during evidence session

Mr Ottaway, Mr Dismore and Mr Bottomley asked about Wildberry Ltd and the printing of calendars. These questions were based on an assumption by Mr Ottaway that an advert was taken in 1995. I have checked the record of this from the last inquiry and it is clear that the payment of £250 was made in 1994. This is consistent with the company trading for one year from 1993-4. I have also checked with the Library about the possibility of any other companies called Wildberry (Mr Dismore's request) and they confirm that none exist.

The GMH correspondence

None of this was in my possession but it does confirm the evidence that I have already given on this matter.

File notes from the police

These confirm the nature of my conversation with Mr Smith, although the note contradicts the statement he made on 10th December 2001 that I talked to him about one call (see his letter to my mother of 10th December 2001). The other calls were not calls made to my mother but calls made to my house to me (see Mrs Eggington's letters) or to my wife, all referred to in my response of 8th January 2002. This relates to the general discussion I had with Mr Smith about the background of the case. This error is then repeated in the letter of 10th January 2002.

Letter to IND and the sending of passports

Mr Dismore asked me about the practice of how I dealt with immigration applications and I explained that neither I nor my office retain passports. I enclose copies of the covering letters that I send to constituents when their passports are sent to the Home Office.[27] They attach their passports and other documentation themselves and send it recorded delivery with the covering letter that is addressed to the Home Office. I do not have Mrs Matin's papers as they are with her solicitor, Jane Coker.

If there is any information that I have missed out please let me know.

3 February 2002

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Prepared 8 February 2002