Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report

Annex N

Letter to Mr Nigel Griffiths MP

from the Registrar of Members' Interests


Thank you for your letter of 8 December to [the former Registrar], whom I have replaced as Registrar of Members' Interests, and for your telephone calls.

As I explained on the telephone, Category 8 of the Register requires the registration of 'any land or property, other than any home used for the personal residential purposes of the Member or the Member's spouse, which has a substantial income or from which a substantial income is derived. The nature of the property should be indicated'.

The property you describe would appear to have a substantial value, and you derive rental income from it; my advice is therefore that it should be registered.

A suitable form of words might be 'I own a property at 31 Minto Street, Edinburgh, which I use as my constituency office, for which I also receive rent from a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the use of office facilities'.

I advised you to discuss the rental arrangements with the Fees Office and you said you had already done so.

11 December 2001

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Prepared 13 February 2002