Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report

Annex O

Letter to Mr Nigel Griffiths MP

from the Registrar of Members' Interests


Further to the letter I sent earlier today, thank you for faxing me a copy of the terms on which Mr MacKay has the use of space on the above premises.

You say that Mr MacKay made you a one-off payment rather than paying rent regularly. This is, of course, still rental income and registrable as such.

You could put in a Register entry to read 'I own a property at 31 Minto Street, Edinburgh, which I use as a constituency office and in respect of which I have received a one-off rental payment from a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the use of office facilities during the period [whatever period is covered by the agreement]'.[12] You could, if you wish, add a reference to the payments from the trade union committees.

As I explained, this entry will appear not in the imminently-published printed Register, which was closed on 26 November, but in the first updated printout to appear thereafter; these appear at roughly monthly intervals.

11 December 2001

12   Mr Griffiths asked for the insertion "of four years" in the square brackets. Back

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Prepared 13 February 2002