Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Seventh Report

Annex T

Statement from Nigel Griffiths MP—Thursday 13 December 2001

Mr Griffiths said:

"I am pleased that the House of Commons Fees Office have concluded that this arrangement is acceptable but I acknowledge there was an error in failing to register these matters and notify the relevant House authorities. I have apologised to House of Commons authorities and have rectified my entry in the Register of Members' Interests."

The Small Business Minister Nigel Griffiths MP today published a letter he has received from the House of Commons Fees Office confirming that rental arrangements covering his constituency office are acceptable under current rules.

The letter confirms:

1.  the rent figure has been independently assessed

2. that it is the correct figure

3.  that they will continue to pay the rent.


  • Mr Griffith purchased his office at Minto Street with his own resources derived from a family legacy.

  • The Fees Office has confirmed separately that Nigel Griffiths has contributed more than £31,000 from his salary towards his constituency office.

  • Following the statement from the Fees Office, Mr Griffiths met Commissioner Elizabeth Filkin to apologise for non-registration and to confirm that this has now been rectified. The entry reads: "I own a property at 31 Minto Street, Edinburgh which I use as a constituency office and in respect of which I have received a one-off payment from a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the use of office facilities during the period of four years. I also receive small payments for occasional use by trade union committees."

  • Commissioner Filkin is conducting her review as she is obliged by the House of Commons to do in every case where she receives a complaint.


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Prepared 13 February 2002