Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Eighth Report

Annex Eii

Letter to the Registrar of Members' Interests from Mr Archy Kirkwood MP

Further to my letter of yesterday, I enclose herewith a certified extract of all the items in the accounts of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Limited that stand against my name since I became a JRRT Director in 1984. I confirm that all matters relevant to these entries have been registered. I also confirm that copies of the JRRT Limited accounts have been sent each year to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and the Committee for Standards in Public Life. These accounts list all grants made by the Company in each relevant year.

In December 1989 a full time assistant was made available to me to help with organization in my constituency whose salary was paid by the Trust direct from its office in York. Registration would not have been required until after the publication of the Register that was published on 6 January 1990.

I notified the change to Mr Hastings, the Registrar, in time for the declaration to be up to date when the 1990 Register was published on 14 January 1991.

The payments of salary direct to my assistant continued until the May election of 1992 and are all properly registered from 1990-1992. The assistant stopped working for me immediately after the General Election. I correctly made a nil return in relation to the new Parliament.

The sum of £10,716 (not £12,716) was paid to cover the salary of the assistant with other benefits, as was stated in the Trust's accounts, from January 1992 until the General Election in May 1992, and severance costs.

I received no other assistance in 1992 from the Trust after the May election and my declarations for 1992 are therefore accurate as they stand.

I believe my entries in the published Register of Interests are correct, contrary to what has been suggested, I would be obliged if you could confirm that there is no need to make any amendment to my published entries.

21 December 2001

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Prepared 24 April 2002