Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Eighth Report

Annex Fiii

Letter to Mr Archy Kirkwood MP from the former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards


I am sorry I need to write to you again on matters relating to your entries in the Register of Members Interests. I have received two complaints from Adrian Flook MP and from Mr Ian Bruce where I need your response so that I may decide whether any investigation is warranted.

Mr Flook, in his letter of 19 January 2002, raises questions about the adequacy of your entries, their timeliness and whether payments were accurately recorded in your entries. He also says that it appears that a statement you made in the 1997 Register was not unambiguous. The statement concerned the description of payments which were made to you by the Joseph Rowntree Trust. I attach a copy of Mr Flook's letter of 19 January 2002.

I have also received a letter of complaint from Mr Ian Bruce dated 21 January 2002 which follows a letter he wrote to me on 2 January 2002. His letters raise questions about registration and declaration of interests and he also alleges a conflict of interest in relation to expenses provided to you on behalf of the Social Security (now Work and Pensions) Select Committee.

I attach copies of Mr Bruce's letters of 2 and 21 January 2002.

If you would prefer to discuss the matter with me in the first instance perhaps you would telephone my office to arrange a convenient time.

23 January 2002

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Prepared 24 April 2002