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Transport, Local Government and the Regions - Minutes of Evidence [Back to Report]

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 30 October 2001.


Members present:

Andrew Bennett, in the Chair
Mr Clive BettsMs Oona King
Mrs Gwyneth DunwoodyDr John Pugh
Mrs Louise EllmanChristine Russell
Chris Grayling


Examination of Witnesses

MR DON EARLEY, Deputy Director, NPFA, and MR PAUL GARBER, Trustee, NPFA and Chair, NPFA's Land Protection and Planning Committee, National Playing Fields Association, examined.

Question Number

273 - 279

280 - 299

300 - 301

Examination of Witnesses

MR RICHARD HILL, Deputy Director of External Affairs, New Opportunities Fund, and MS LORNA MCROBIE, Policy Adviser, Landscape and Natural Heritage, examined.

Question Number

302 - 319

320 - 339

Examination of Witness

MR KEN WORPOLE, Urban Green Spaces Task Force, examined.

Question Number

340 - 359

360 - 361

Examination of Witnesses

MS HELEN WOOLLEY, Director, and MR DAVID TIBBATTS, Senior Projects Manager, Urban Parks Forum, examined.

Question Number

362 - 379

380 - 383

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Prepared 19 November 2001