Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum by The Central Council of Physical Recreation (PPG 14(a))


  I thought it might be helpful to drop a quick note expressing the CCPR's support for the appeal from Trevor Brooking for mini-playing fields (2,000 square metres) to be covered by Sport England Statutory Consultation.

  As Trevor pointed out, this would at least provide some protection to the mini-pitches which form the basis of the Football Association's junior development plans. This is particularly important at a time when the new Football Foundation is investing record sums in junior football.

  In addition, this change from 4,000 square metres would bring Sport England and the DTLR in line with the Department for Education and Skills which classifies school playing fields at 2,000 square metres. This would facilitate the production of co-ordinated figures on playing fields, something that the DCMS Monitoring Group has found to be a particular problem.

  Any encouragement the Committee is able to offer the Planning Minister to alter the size of Sport England Statutory Consultations would be greatly appreciated.

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Prepared 18 February 2002