Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions First Report


01City of Stoke Highways and Transportation Division
02North Somerset Council
03Land Value Taxation Campaign
05Henry Law Esq
06Tonbridge & District Railway Travellers Association
07Judith Cook
08Warwickshire County Council
09The Railway Reform Group
09ASupplementary memorandum
10The Institute of Logistics and Transport
10ASupplementary memorandum
11Transport 2000
12South Hampshire Rail Users' Group
13Lord Bradshaw and Richard Hope Esq
14South Yorkshire PTE
15Passenger Transport Executive Group
15ASupplementary memorandum
16Dr Dieter Helm
17Rail Passengers Council
17ASupplementary memorandum
18Rail Freight Group
19RITC Ltd
20The Railway Forum
20ASupplementary memorandum
21Ray Bentley Esq
22Passengers in the North East
23North Western England Rail Passengers Committee
24Local Government Association
25London Borough of Croydon
26South West Transport Network
26ASupplementary memorandum
27Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive
27ASupplementary memorandum
28Nottinghamshire County Council
29National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
29ASupplementary memorandum
30National Express Group
31Mark Blathwayt Esq
32Association of Train Operating Companies
33Great North Eastern Railway
34London Transport Users Committee
34ASupplementary memorandum
35Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions
35AFurther memorandum
35BSupplementary note
35CSupplementary memorandum
35DSupplementary memorandum
35ESupplementary memorandum
36Mersey Travel
37Manchester Airport
38ASupplementary memorandum
39Strategic Rail Authority
39AFurther memorandum
39BSupplementary memorandum
41Grant Transport Strategy Limited
41AFurther memorandum
42Chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority
44Transport for London
45Virgin Trains
45ASupplementary memorandum
46Royal Bank of Canada
47Scott Hellewell & Co
48English Welsh and Scottish Railway
49Joint Special Railway Administrators of Railtrack PLC (Ernst & Young)
49ASupplementary memorandum
50Tony Grayling Esq
51Railfuture (Railway Development Society)
51ASupplementary memorandum
52Scottish National Party
53The Rail Regulator
53ASupplementary note to Questions 807 and 808
53BSupplementary memorandum
54Capital Transport Campaign
55Moody's Investors Service Ltd
56Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive
57Standard & Poor's

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 31 January 2002