Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (PRF 39B)


  The Shadow Strategic Rail Authority and Strategic Rail Authority were established under the Chairmanship of Sir Alastair Morton from 1 April 1999 and 1 February 2001 respectively.

  (1)  From 1 April 1999 until 31 March 2001, private infrastructure investment by Railtrack totalled £4.029 billion. Private infrastructure expenditure is defined as being all expenditure undertaken by Railtrack on renewals, backlog and enhancement.

Private infrastructure investment
(£ million)
—Expenditure on renewals1,209
—Backlog expenditure92
—Enhancement investment419
—Expenditure on renewals1,611
—Backlog expenditure50
—Enhancement investment648

  Source: Railtrack annual report 2000-01, p 66, note F.

  Note: Data for the six months to 30 September 2001 are unavailable, as Railtrack has yet to release interim accounts.

  (2)  In addition, private sector capital of £155 million was secured by train operating companies up to September 2001.
6 months '01
Stations23.4624.85 5.9554.26
Track0.000.00 0.000.00
Other48.7226.32 25.80100.84
Total72.1851.17 31.74155.10

  Source: TOC Statutory and management account reports.


  (a)  Data for the First Great Western, GNER, Midland Mainline and Virgin Rail Group comprises capital expenditure on fixed assets which has been reported. There is no reasonable breakdown of the composition of the expenditure.

  (b)  Some franchises have different reporting years, for these franchises data is included in accordance with reports made by franchises.

  (c)  Data does not include expenditure by freight operating companies. Since 1996, the freight operating companies have spent in excess of £1 billion. The majority of this expenditure has been undertaken over the last three years and has included the purchase of new locomotives, wagons and customer centres. In addition, since 1 April 1999, there has been private investment expenditure under the Freight Facilities Grant (FFG) Scheme of £20.6 million. The FFG provides capital funding towards rail freight facilities such as sidings, terminals, wagons, handling equipment (eg cranes). It provides a proportion of the funding, with the private sector required to provide the rest. For example, we generally award up to 75 per cent of the funds. It has to be noted that there will be private sector funding which we are not aware of, where companies have invested without coming for FFG.

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Prepared 8 March 2002