Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 200 - 206)




  200. Do you want to add anything?
  (Mr Styche) Whatever decisions we take at a neighbourhood level impact on other neighbourhoods. We have to be aware of that and able to take an overview. Secondly, leaving things is not a no cost option. There are significant impacts on public sector expenditure for increasingly marginalised populations in some of the worst areas.

Dr Pugh

  201. A number of people have mentioned that what we need is a housing market renewal fund. Do you agree?
  (Mr Steinberg) We need a new way of intervening in quite significant areas where markets have collapsed because the current government mechanisms have not proved satisfactory. We are talking about significant opportunities to work with communities. I am in support of the creation of a new fund to enable that to happen.

  202. If we did not get that, do you share the concern that has been expressed on the registration of social landlords?
  (Mr Steinberg) One of the powers Parliament gives the corporation is to not allow associations to divest themselves of properties without our consent. We are also the regulator of these organisations.

  203. Local strategic partnerships have come on the menu now. Do they have a role in solving any of these problems?
  (Mr Styche) An absolutely crucial role. We have to increasingly try and work throughout those partnerships to ensure all the key players and the local community are represented in the decisions that need to be taken. In my experience, I worked on the redevelopment of Hulme and some of the local people very quickly will want to understand what they can and cannot do.


  204. Apart from Hulme, can you give us one or two more examples?
  (Mr Styche) In terms of the local strategic partnerships which have been around for some time—for instance, in Liverpool, the Dingle area—we have partnership activity which is working broadly. There is a local strategic partnership developed in Salford which is doing some very interesting thinking in particular around the issue of low demand housing, which is a relatively new concept. We have taken these things from bidding organisations into strategic organisations looking at the issues and they come up with solutions.

Dr Pugh

  205. By "strategic", you are primarily thinking of implementing?
  (Mr Styche) It is about determining priorities and ensuring that the individual members of that partnership make their contribution to delivery.

  206. An executive role as well?
  (Mr Styche) Yes.

  Chairman: On that note, can I thank you very much for your evidence?

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Prepared 3 December 2001