Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 680-686)



  680. Perhaps you could give us a note on that.
  (Ms Keeble) I will look at that.

  681. Documents, or reports, came out yesterday about the problems in Burnley, Oldham and other places like that. How far do you feel there is a contradiction that in somewhere like Burnley some of these homes are being abandoned and yet probably within the ethnic minority community there is more growth in the population, more demand for housing. Is segregation part of the problem?
  (Ms Keeble) Of abandonment?

  682. That we have on the one hand an increasing demand for certain neighbourhoods and an abandonment in other neighbourhoods.
  (Ms Keeble) The demand for certain neighbourhoods—

  683. When we went up to Burnley we saw two neighbourhoods of almost identical housing, one neighbourhood had a high ethnic population within it, the other did not, and it appeared that one had a very weak, absolutely collapsing housing market, and the other had a relatively strong housing market, and it appeared there was segregation between the two communities.
  (Ms Keeble) I have to say I have seen exactly the same in Rochdale, and those areas which thrive are largely because the properties still have a high value, because they are highly sought after, partly because there are great restrictions in the supply of them, and they are close to the facilities the community wants. So I think you have different markets working in different parts of a single area. I do think, quite regardless of that, there is a real issue about segregation, it is something that the Department has been looking at. We have been looking at the whole problems surrounding race and housing. My colleague, Charlie Falconer, has been looking at that, and we have strategies and proposals for dealing with those issues. We have also put requirements on local authorities and housing associations around dealing with some of the problems around race and housing.

  684. While you are talking about the Minister for Planning, he is presumably announcing the new Green Paper on Planning today and presumably with that will be the daughter document on CPOs?
  (Ms Keeble) That is right, and I did refer to that previously.

  685. So you think the problem with CPOs is now solved?
  (Ms Keeble) I think we have some proposals, yes, to speed it up.

Ms King

  686. Can I ask for a note on the issue around segregation and the work your Department is doing?

  (Ms Keeble) We will certainly provide you with a copy of the document.

  Chairman: On that note, thank you very much for your evidence.

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Prepared 16 January 2002