Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex A

  May 1997—Labour manifesto "new public private partnership".

  March 1998—Deputy Prime Minister's statement to the House on future of London Underground.

  November 1998—First Reading of the Greater London Authority ("GLA") Bill.

  May 1999—Report Stage of GLA Bill.

  June 1999—Publication in OJEC inviting candidates to prequalify as bidders for the deep tube line (BCV and JNP) competitions.

  November 1999—GLA Act received Royal Assent.

  March 2000—Submission of tenders by bidders for BCV and JNP.

  May 2000—Transport for London ("TfL") established.

  July 2000—TfL assumes functions.

  September 2000—Submission of tenders by bidders for the Sub Surface Line (SSL) competition.

  November 2000—Submission of Best and Final Offers ("BAFOs") by the short-listed BCV and JNP bidders.

  December 2000—R Kiley's Report to the Mayor regarding feasibility of PPP Structure as currently proposed.

  February 2001—Announcement "modifications to PPP to be agreed between Government and TfL".

  February 2001—Submission of BAFOs by the SSL bidders.

  February 2001—R Kiley's Second Report to the Mayor.

  April 2001—Proposed Management Plan for the London Underground.

  May 2001—Selection and announcement of the preferred bidders for the BCV and JNP.

  May 2001—Memorandum of Agreement between the government and TfL.

  May 2001—Appointment of R Kiley as Chairman of London Regional Transport ("LRT").

  June 2001—General Election.

  July 2001—Parsons Brinckerhoff and Deloitte & Touche Reports produced.

  July 2001—Sacking of R Kiley as Chairman of LRT.

  July 2001—Hearing of Judicial Review application.

  August 2001—Court of Appeal judgement on LRT's application for an injunction.

  September 2001—Selection and announcement of the preferred bidder for SSL.

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