Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



  3 December 2001—HSE accepted Version 3.0 of LUL's safety case

  December 2001/January 2002—LUL prepare for Version 3.0 to come into force, but continue to operate under Version 2.5

  19 December 2001—LUL plan to submit Version 3.1 of their safety case to HSE for assessment, together with final/revised drafts of their contracts with PPP Infracos for scrutiny for consistency with the safety case

  January 2002—HSE compile (first iteration of) issues log for Version 3.1 and release to LUL and unions (normal practice)

  4 February 2002—LUL date for Version 3.0 to come into force

  8 March 2002—LUL date for Version 3.1 acceptance by HSE

  1 April 2002—LUL date for PPP commencement, subject to HSE acceptance of Version 3.1 (and other factors outside HSE's control)

Key risks to this timetable

  Further HSE Scrutiny of LUL's revised PPP contracts (and Infraco safety cases) raises new issues that LUL cannot resolve within their timescale for PPP completion

  Stakeholders (eg. Parliament, the Government, unions, Transport for London) or other external factors raise new or significant issues or make changes that require further and/or unplanned work by HSE or LUL

  HSE work on Version 3.0 and assessment of Version 3.1 raises issues that cannot be resolved/closed out within LUL's timetable for commencement of the PPP in April

Other risks (short periods of delay would not be critical)

  Independent assessment of Version 3.1 takes longer than planned (a new requirement under the 2000 Regulations, involving Railway Safety, Railtrack Plc and Secro Docklands)

  LUL do not submit Version 3.1 or the draft contracts on 19 December

  LUL are not ready to implement Version 3.0 on 4 February

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Prepared 8 March 2002