Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by Dotted Eyes (OS 08)

  1.  Dotted Eyes is a partnership, based in the Midlands, specialising in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and digital mapping.

  2.  I am a partner of Dotted Eyes and was responsible for founding the organisation in 1989. There are now 14 people in the organisation.

  3.  Our clients include Government and Local Authority clients, as well as businesses in a variety of different industries.

  4.  We have had a reseller agreement with Ordnance Survey since 1998. At present we have two Licensed Partner agreements, one covering the Business Geographics portfolio of data products and the other covering the Detailed Datasets products.

  5.  We are negotiating to have further Licensed Partner agreements, covering the ADDRESS-POINT data product and the OS MasterMap data product released in November. These agreements, which we have not seen at the time of writing, may contain different terms and conditions and could potentially result in some confusion.

  6.  For 18 months we have been working closely with Ordnance Survey during the development of the OS MasterMap product. We have developed a software solution called InterpOSe to translate and process this product into a form that can be used by GIS applications. This solution is currently one of very few on the market that enable the data product to be used.

  7.  We have some awareness of the cost of updating and maintaining databases and the effect of new technology on costs.

  8.  Our experience does not extend to copyright charging, the current pricing model's effect on planning appeals or licence fees for guide books, nor the provision of maps for electioneering, the funding of this, and the Data Protection implications.

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Prepared 24 June 2002