Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Memoranda

Annex C


  Taken from "Strategic planning advice on high buildings and strategic views in London", LPAC 1999:


Aircraft operations Avoiding visual obstruction and breaching safeguarding zones for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
ArchaeologyMinimising disturbance and recording losses.
Environmental statementDETR Circular 2/99 "Environmental Impact Assessment", and SI 1999 No. 293.
HeritageAssessing detrimental impact on character of World Heritage Sites, conservation areas, listed buildings, etc.
Navigation and the ThamesAvoiding disruption to navigational aids, and protecting the use of the river.
TelecommunicationsAssessing interference affecting telephones, both as microwaves and for mobile phones; television; radio; etc.

Construction and demolitionEnsuring both construction and demolition is planned for, and their impact is minimised.
Energy consumptionMinimising energy use.
GeologyAssessing suitability of the site for foundations, depth, width and stability of building.
Assessing the effect on wind generation, sunlight, shadow, rain/snow, light reflection, etc.
Impact on pedestriansAssessing the impact on the surrounding environment, including the pedestrian network, street vitality, privacy, recreation and amenity.
Impact on servicesAssessing the impact on services infrastructure, including telephones, water, gas, electricity, sewerage etc.
Transport impactAssessing the impact on capacity of transport infrastructure, including public transport, cars, and taxis.
Impact on daylightAssessing the shadowing effect on the local environment, including rights to light and, in particular in public spaces.
Use of buildingsAssessing the effects of the combination of different land uses on the site.

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