Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Evidence

Exmination of Witnesses (Questions 100-106)



  100. But whose job should it be to develop it?
  (Mr Dawson) The European new car assessment programme is a non-governmental organisation which is basically governments and motoring organisations and other groups working together.

  101. Should it be applicable to urban roads as well as inter urban roads?
  (Mr Dawson) It should be in due course, yes.

  102. Do either of your associations remove support from people found guilty of irresponsible driving?
  (Mr Dawson) I am not aware that in recent years we have removed membership from people.
  (Mr Delaney) I cannot answer for the RAC motoring services.

Chris Grayling

  103. I just want to raise the issue of 30 mph repeater signs. The chief constable for North Wales said that a change was desirable but he was not sure by what route. Can you give your organisations' views on the subject?
  (Mr Howard) We have to say that the average driver is confused sometimes by why there is a limit and sometimes by what it is, and to be able to have 30 mph repeater signs on roads would help clarify the situation and should be a step on the way to installing—

Miss McIntosh

  104. We have covered the area of community residences and big residential areas and keeping the speed down there. How would you propose to reduce the speed on rural roads where it is not just pedestrians but horses and bicycles as well?
  (Mr King) I think from our point of view this is where speed cameras should be targeted in the right areas —


  105. Rural roads?
  (Mr King) Absolutely. The most dangerous roads and accident black spots and traffic lights in particular in rural villages where people jump the lights. They should be concentrated there but also not to the detriment of getting rid of traffic police. There has been a trend, over the last two years, as the number of cameras has increased the number of core traffic police has decreased. A camera in a rural area might catch somebody speeding but not necessarily someone drink driving, drug driving or tailgating so we do have a concern over traffic policing. There is a role for cameras but cameras are only one part of enforcement.

  106. So we concentrate not in urban areas but in rural areas.
  (Mr Dawson) I think it is back to risk. The targeting should be where the risks are the highest and that is where the engineering should be targeted too.

  Chairman: Gentlemen, you have been very helpful. We shall read your evidence very carefully indeed. Thank you very much.

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Prepared 6 March 2002