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Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 4400-443)



  440. But this is specifically in Hull.
  (Ms McMahon) I do not know whether that one is specifically being monitored.

  Chairman: Please look at that and give us a note.

Chris Grayling

  441. Finally, on 30 mph speed indications, can I ask for your view on repeater signs and whether you will support a move to give authority to the right to use them, and also why it is legal to have great big expensive painted signs on the road but not repeater signs and whether you plan to change that?
  (Mr Spellar) It is an issue raised from a number of areas and one that I want to look at. I understand the argument from the historic perspective but I think in a number of areas—particularly, as I indicated earlier, where there have been changes in speed limits and therefore people have got driving habits on those particular roads—that is a particular issue that I am going to be looking at, but also the broader issue about repeater signs at 30 mph, but I have not come to a conclusion on that.

  442. So no chance of the Government backing the Bill then!
  (Mr Spellar) There are arguments on both sides, and I want to evaluate both the views and the evidence and the cost benefit of this as well.

  443. The other issue is horses and the use of cameras and warning signs. In a constituency like mine, there is an issue over horses and cars using the same roads and people going round narrow country corners too fast and meeting a horse. What do you have in mind for improving the issue as regards safety of horses and riders on the roads?
  (Mr Spellar) This is not an issue in Smethwick but I will ask the officials!

  Chairman: I think it would be helpful if you would look at the use of bridlepaths and the use of rural roads by horses and riders and whether it is possible to find a useful form of division, and let the Committee have a note. Thank you very much, Mr Spellar. You have been, as you always are, most helpful and informative.

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Prepared 28 March 2002