Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Ninth Report

What has been and what could be achieved

114. Steps have been taken to improve enforcement, engineering and education. However, it is possible to do much more. Implementation has been spasmodic, particularly of traffic calming and other engineering measures. As the Slower Speeds Initiative noted

"the European best practice study shows that we differ not in policies but in the scale and intensity of implementation".[198]

If our society were to match the scale of implementation seen in some other Europe countries, reductions in speed and casualties, and improvements in the quality of life would be very considerable.

115. The effect of widely applying well-researched and understood measures to improve enforcement, engineering and education would produce very impressive result both in reducing lives and transforming the quality of life of millions of people. Even spreading best practice to all parts of country would have an enormous effect. Many of the very high total of deaths and serious injuries to which inappropriate speed contributes could be avoided. Total deaths could be reduced to under 1,000 per year. The Government's target of reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured by 40% could easily be exceeded. However, progress to date is slow, and the Government's new rules about the location of safety cameras threaten to undermine this target.

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Prepared 19 June 2002