Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Ninth Report



Members present:

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody, in the Chair

Andrew BennettMiss Anne McIntosh
Mr Brian H DonohoeMr Bill O'Brien
Mrs Louise EllmanDr John Pugh
Chris GraylingMr Bill Wiggin
Helen Jackson

The Committee deliberated.

Draft Report [Road Traffic Speed] proposed by the Chairman, brought up and read.

Paragraphs 1 to 73 read and agreed to.

Paragraph 73 read, as follows:

'According to a significant number of witnesses there are four main types of road which are wrongly classified or where existing speed limits are unsatisfactory. They are those in some villages, in country lanes, on single carriageway A and B roads, and in urban areas. The key issues raised by witnesses in the inquiry were whether the speed limit:

- on urban residential roads should be 20 or 30 mph

- should be a 20 mph limit outside schools

- in villages should be 30 mph

- in country lanes should be 40 mph

- on single carriage A and B roads 50 or 60 mph.

There was little pressure from witnesses for a change in motorway limit.

Amendment proposed, in line 10, at the end, to add the words: 'On motorways there should be a variable speed limit of 80 mph in line with the RAC's proposals'.—(Mr Brian H Donohoe)

Question put, That the Amendment be made.

The Committee divided.

  Ayes, 2

Mr Brian H Donohoe

Mr Bill O'Brien

  Noes, 2

Andrew Bennett

Mrs Louise Ellman

Whereupon the Chairman declared herself with the Noes

Paragraph agreed to

Paragraphs 75 to 153 read and agreed to.

Paragraph 154 bought up and read

Question put, That the Paragraph stand part of the Report.

The Committee divided.

  Ayes, 4

Andrew Bennett

Helen Jackson

Miss Anne McIntosh

Dr John Pugh

  Noes, 3

Mr Brian Donohoe

Chris Grayling

Mr Bill O'Brien

Paragraph agreed to

Paragraphs 155 to 181 read and agreed to.

Motion made, and Question, That the Report be the Ninth Report of the Committee to the House, put and agreed to.-(The Chairman.)

Ordered, That the Chairman do make the Report to the House.

Ordered, That the provisions of Standing Order No. 134 (Select committee (reports)) be applied to the Report.

Ordered, That the Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee be reported to the House.

  [Adjourned till Wednesday 26 June at twenty minutes to Four o'clock.

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Prepared 19 June 2002