Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 3


  Pedestrians and cyclists, especially children, are particularly vulnerable road users who benefit most from speed reduction. Traffic calming schemes and 20 mph zones are of particular benefit to them.


  Local authorities are now expected to produce or update a cycling strategy, which should include measures to make cycling safer including better facilities for cyclists and more traffic calming to slow vehicle speeds where there are cyclists.

  Local authorities are also encouraged to offer cycling proficiency training for children.

  DTLR is currently working on a project with the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) to develop cycle training course for adults and teenagers.

  Cyclists have a responsibility for their own safety and to other road users. They must observe traffic rules. The Highway Code contains a chapter on rules for cyclists.

  Cycle helmets offer significant protection in many accidents. Wearing rates are still too low for compulsion, but the Government aims to promote their use.

  DTLR are also encouraging cyclists to make themselves conspicuous by wearing fluorescent and reflective clothing, and using lights at night.


  Local Transport Plans (LTPs) are the key to improving conditions for pedestrians. Local highway authorities must set out in their traffic layouts and urban design how they are to encourage more people to walk instead of using their car, and what safety measures they propose to support. LHAs will need to work in partnership with the police, residents and interested groups.

  Pedestrians themselves also need to take sensible precautions, like crossing the road at designated places such as pedestrian crossings and refuges. Local publicity campaigns should raise awareness of, for instance, the need to be visible to traffic. We recommend pedestrians, and children in particular to wear or carry reflective material at night.

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Prepared 5 July 2002