Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 580 - 582)



  580. Yes, but are you convinced you have got enough money in your budget to do all the safety schemes you want to do? Is it one of your priorities? What provisions have you made for safety programmes?
  (Mr Matthews) Over the ten-year period there is £470 million set aside for specific safety schemes and that is the level of investment we are making on targeted small schemes. Of course, safety is a feature in any of the schemes.

  581. Did you include that calculation? When you were doing your negotiations with the local authorities about the detrunked roads, did you include a figure for improving safely or were you assuming that in handing it over you had handed it over in its pristine state?
  (Mr Matthews) Yes, the latter.

  582. You are saying it is already in the state that you do not believe any more safety improvements are necessary?

  (Mr Matthews) No, what we are saying is any further improvements in relation to safety, congestion, accessibility, or any of the other targets, will be ones for local authorities to make the judgment.

  Chairman: I see. Gentlemen, you have been very helpful, thank you very much indeed.

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Prepared 22 March 2002