Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Eighth Report

Annex A - Progress Against Plan

MeasureProgress (by DTLR) Committee's Assessment
Shadow Strategic Rail Authority to publish strategic plan November 2000 Published January 200214 months late
Most shorter franchises replaced end of 2002. 20 Year Chiltern franchise
2 Year GNER extension
Heads of Terms agreed for South Central and South West Trains
Significant delay
Construction of phase 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail link began in summer 2001. Construction began in July 2001On-time
Half of the rail fleet either new or refurbished by end of 2002 600 new vehicles introduced in 2001
1,600 more expected by end of 2002
If delivered represents 16% of the fleet
No figures provided on refurbishment but likely to be behind schedule
Installation of Train Protection Warning System by 2003 or earlier 52% of trains have been fitted
36% of Railtrack locations fitted
First phase of West Coast Main Line. Railtrack aims for line to take trains at 125 mph Not yet complete and significantly over budget. Trains will not run at 125 mph. Significantly late, over budget and unable to meet 125mph performance
Aim to start work on Thameslink 2000 subject to outcome of TWA inquiry by end of 2002 SRA Strategic Plan estimates mid 2003 for implementation 6 months late
Strategic Roads
All 40 schemes under the Targeted Programme of Improvements underway or completed by 2005 53 schemes in Targeted Programme, 20 schemes have started On-time
60% of roads to receive lower noise surfaces over Plan period 4.2 % of network received quieter surfacing in financial year 2001/2002 Behind schedule[292]
New Traffic Control Centre fully operational by end of 2003 Traffic Control Centre currently under construction On-time
Completion of 100 smaller scale safety and congestion schemes by end 2003 71 schemes implemented since April 2000. On-time
Automatic hold-up warning systems to be installed on 30% of the motorway network by end of 2004 Systems installed on 243km of motorways (10%) On-time
Multi-Modal Studies
Contracts to be let for the second tranche multi-modal studies by early 2001. Contracts let by early 2001.On-time
Reports expected from the 11 first tranche multi-modal studies by end of 2001
Four studies reported by end of 20016 to 9 months behind schedule
Local Transport
All English local authorities to submit a 5 year local transport plan by July 2000 Plans submitted in July 2000On-time
Public capital investment to 2005Local Transport Plan settlement of £8.4 billion announced to 2005/06 £0.1 billion greater than in Plan
Deterioration of local roads stopped by 2004 Maintenance allocations in each year were double those for 2000.01 Behind schedule[293]
Up to 25 Light Rail schemes by 20106 new lines approved Behind schedule
200 major local road schemes by 2010
of which 70 are bypasses
55 major schemes approved
21 of which are bypasses
Behind schedule
Behind schedule
Sunderland Extension of Tyne and Wear Metro to open in 2002 Opened March 2002On-time
Introduce Urban Challenge Bus Fund in 2001 £46 million urban challenge fund introduced in July 2001 On-time
Average age of bus fleet to be 8 years by end of 2001 Average age of fleet is 8.4 yearsBehind schedule
Extension of rural bus subsidy grant to cover market towns by end of 2001 Rural Bus Subsidy Grant extended in 2001/02 On-time
Rural transport partnership in rural counties by end 2001 Completed July 2001On-time
Mayor to publish Transport Strategy in 2001 Published July 2001On-time
Resources for Mayor£3 billion provided from 2001/02 to 2003/04 Increase of £1 billion[294]
Improved quality of service through Public-Private Partnership for London Underground Decision to proceed subject to consultation taken on 7 February 2002 9 months to 1 year behind schedule
Improved bus frequencies and enhanced off-peak and night buses 1700 new buses entered service to November 2001 with 420 more planned for April 2002.
Waiting times reduced by 7% .
16 new night bus routes.
Integrated Transport
Traveline information service launch in 2000 Launched in 2000On time
Vehicles and Environment
Provide Government support for 40000 clean vehicle purchases by March 2003 11000 purchases supported to dateUnclear

292   This assessment assumes a constant yearly rate of resurfacing over the Plan period of 6% per annum. The actual schedule may differ. Back

293   The Commission for Integrated Transport told the Sub-Committee that the increased funding had yet to show significant real improvements Q428. Back

294   Based on Public Resource Expenditure Figures from Page 99 of Transport 2010: The 10 Year Plan. Back

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Prepared 27 May 2002