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Transport, Local Government and the Regions - Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence [Back to Report]

Here you can browse the Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 15 May 2002.


Memorandum by Motor Cycle Industry Association (TYP 1)

Memorandum by Independent Transport Commission (TYP 2)

Memorandum by Sustrans (TYP 3)

Memorandum by RAC Foundation (TYP 4)

Memorandum by Associated British Ports Grimsby and Immingham (TYP 5)

Memorandum by Central and West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TYP 6)

Memorandum by dhc Transport Research and Consultancy (TYP 7)

Memorandum by The Ramblers' Association (TYP 8)

Memorandum by The Railway Forum (TYP 9)

Memorandum by Socialist Environment and Resources Association (TYP 10)

Memorandum by the Boots Company (TYP 11)

Memorandum by The Landscape Institute and Mouchel Consulting Limited (TYP 12)

Memorandum by The Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) (TYP 13)

Memorandum by Friends of the Earth (TYP 14)

Memorandum by Transport 2000 (South West) (TYP 15)

Memorandum by Rail Passengers Council (TYP 16)

Memorandum by the Construction Products Association (TYP 17)

Memorandum by Transport 2000 (TYP 18)

Memorandum by English, Welsh and Scottish Railways (EWS) (TYP 19)

Memorandum by National Express Group PLC (TYP 20)

Memorandum by South West Transport Network (TYP 21)

Memorandum by Cambridge Heath and London Fields Rail Users Group (TYP 22)

Memorandum by CTC (TYP 23)

Memorandum by Councillor Steve Harangozo, Comberton Ward, South Cambridgeshire DC (TYP 24)

Memorandum by Rail Freight Group (TYP 25)

Memorandum by The Royal Town Planning Institute (TYP 26)

Memorandum by The Automobile Association (TYP 27)

Supplementary memorandum by the AA (TYP 27A)

Memorandum by the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions (TYP 28)

Supplementary memorandum by DTLR (TYP 28A)


Supplementary memorandum by DTLR (TYP 28B)

Memorandum by DTLR (28C)

Supplementary memorandum by the DTLR (TYP 28D)

Supplementary memorandum by DTLR (TYP 28E)

Supplementary memorandum by the DTLR (TYP 28F)

10 Year Plan Public Expenditure and Private Investment (£m, Outturn Prices prices)

Memorandum by David Banister (TYP 29)

Memorandum by Devon County Council (TYP 30)

Memorandum by Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority and Executive (TYP 31)

Memorandum by Bristol City Council (TYP 32)

Memorandum by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (TYP 33)

Memorandum by the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (TYP 34)

Memorandum by Living Streets (TYP 35)

Memorandum by Steer Davies Gleave (TYP 36)

Memorandum by West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (TYP 37)

Memorandum by Transport for London (TYP 38)

Memorandum by Railfuture (TYP 39)



Memorandum by the Institution of Civil Engineers (TYP 40)

Response by The Institution of Civil Engineers

Memorandum by the Institute of Logistics and Transport (TYP 41)

Memorandum by South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Group (TYP 42)

Memorandum by Planet Practice (TYP 43)

Memorandum by Merseytravel (TYP 44)

Memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (TYP 45)

Supplementary memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (TYP 45A)

Further supplementary memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (TYP 45B)

Memorandum by English Nature (TYP 46)

Memorandum by the Institution of Highways and Transportation (TYP 47)

Memorandum by A36/A350 Corridor Alliance (TYP 48)

Memorandum by the Local Government Association (TYP 49)

Memorandum by the CBI (TYP 50)

Memorandum by Hampshire County Council (TYP 51)

Memorandum by Railtrack PLC (TYP 52)

Supplementary memorandum by Railtrack PLC (TYP 52A)

Memorandum by the Freight Transport Association (TYP 53)

Memorandum by the County Surveyors' Society (TYP 54)

Memorandum by Warwickshire County Council (TYP 55)

Memorandum from Commission for Integrated Transport (TYP 56)

Memorandum by Ansaldo Signal (TYP 57)

Memorandum by Dr Merv Rowlinson, London Guildhall University (TYP 58)

Memorandum by the Highways Agency (TYP 59)

Memorandum from the Highways Agency (59A)

Memorandum submitted by Ernst & Young (TYP 60)

Memorandum by HM Treasury (TYP 61)

Supplementary memorandum by HM Treasury (TYP 61A)

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