Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Group (TYP 42)

  This response has been prepared on behalf of the South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Group, which includes Officers from the four South Yorkshire Highway Authorities and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. It will be submitted to the South Yorkshire Planning and Transportation Steering Group for political endorsement. This Group consists of two Members of each of the South Yorkshire District Councils with responsibilities for Planning and Transportation issues, together with the Chair and Vice Chair of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority.

  We believe that it is important that the Sub-Committee considers two issues in particular as part of its deliberations.


  Long term investment in the quality and level of rail services is necessary to provide better strategic connections to and from South Yorkshire and improve local services. Funding will be required to remove capacity constraints, open new stations, improve the quality of rolling stock and support new or enhanced services. This would support the 10 Year Plan targets of reducing road congestion and increasing rail use and would support sustainable economic development in line with the objectives of the Transport White Paper. Overall, investment in the order of £1 billion would be required over the next 20-25 years to meet our aspirations. It is considered that the prospects of securing such investment have been reduced by the recent problems in the rail industry. There is concern that delays in securing long term franchise renewals are delaying commitment to investment by private sector companies and that the SRA's investment strategy may favour investment in strategic rail links and the South East at the expense of other priorities.


  The 10 Year Plan provided much needed increases in the level of funding for capital projects. This has led to increased funding for Local Transport Plan projects. However, there has not been a commensurate increase in revenue funding. Capital investment needs increased revenue expenditure to maintain assets, staff facilities, run information systems, support public transport services etc. A study into Transport and Social Inclusion in South Yorkshire concluded that many of the issues could only be addressed through increased revenue funding, for instance to support conventional public transport services, community transport and less conventional initiatives.

  Please contact me if you require further information in support of this submission.

Graham Read

Chair of South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Group

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Prepared 27 May 2002