Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


Examples of in-depth policy review and development
Barnsley MBCInvestigations of domestic violence and also licensing.
Bedfordshire CountyReviews of winter maintenance, waste management and county music services.
Brentwood BCReview of grants to parish councils.
Bolton BCDecision to stop maintaining a failing school called in and debated, with well-attended and reported public forum.
LB CamdenChoices about financing capital projects, use of Camden's commercial property portfolio.
Hartlepool BCReview of mobile phone base stations and public concerns about their siting.
Maidstone BCReview of consultation mechanisms and also abandoned vehicles investigations.
South Ribble BCReview of the effectiveness of the council's overall arrangements for delivering best value, review of approach to capital projects.
Staffordshire CountyReview of the provision of library facilities within a one-stop shop.
Stockport BCCall in process used to provide framework for overview and scrutiny. Five members, two from relevant scrutiny committee, can call in decisions triggering evidence-taking from executive members, officers and external witnesses reviewing background and reasons for proposal.
Telford and WrekinScrutiny Chairs attend Cabinet and give views on issues Cabinet and Chairs work together to draw up priority themes and issues on which scrutiny would add value.
Worcestershire CountyInvestigation of Social Services overspend.

Examples of scrutiny in relation to best value review
Bedfordshire CountyProgramme of best value reviews determined by full council. Individual reviews led by a series of select committees. Involvement of the select committee varies depending on priority of the review.
CalderdaleScrutiny committees have a role in overseeing individual best value reviews in their service areas.
HerefordshireSet up a joint member-officer "challenge team" to offer sustained challenge to the best value process a key points throughout a review.
StaffordshireDeveloped a "front-end" approach to best value to assist scrutiny members in dealing with best value reports.

Examples of external scrutiny
Bedfordshire CountyExternal scrutiny investigations include: GNVQs and NVQs, the learning & Skills Council, inquiry into February 2002 incident at the Yarl's Wood detention centre.
Buckinghamshire CountyReport on winter pressures.
LB CamdenInvestigation of the development of a mental health and social care trust for Camden and Islington.
Devon CountyInvestigation of the foot and mouth outbreak within the county.
Hartlepool BCInquiry into seacoal collection within Hartlepool: a wide-ranging inquiry that necessitated the engagement of public and private partners in the work of overview and scrutiny.
Kent County CouncilModernisation of hospital services in East Kent.
LB LewishamReview of local authority and health services provided for children under eight with special needs.
Sheffield City CouncilRolling progamme of scrutiny of leisure trusts
York City CouncilInvestigation of flooding.

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