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The following press notice was issued on 22 January 2002



The Urban Affairs Sub-committee of the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions has resolved to undertake an inquiry into how the Local Government Act 2000 is working.

Witnesses are invited to submit memoranda to the Sub-committee before Friday 1 March 2002. Memoranda will be published in the order in which they arrive. It is unlikely that memoranda submitted after this date will be published. (Witnesses who wish their memoranda to be treated in confidence should contact the Committee Clerk in advance.) Witnesses should also note that decisions about who to call for oral evidence are likely to be taken on the basis of the evidence received by this date.

The Local Government Act 2000 introduced, amongst other things:

  • a duty for local authorities to promote economic, social and environmental well-being;
  • new arrangements with respect to executives, including elected Mayors and the Cabinet model;
  • provisions relating to the conduct of councillors and officers; and
  • provisions relating to local authority elections.

The Sub-committee wishes to receive submissions setting out how the new arrangements introduced as a result of the Act are working.

Witnesses are requested to submit memoranda of up to six A4 pages on computer disk in either ASCII, Word or Word Perfect 8 with a single additional hard copy; witnesses without access to a computer are respectfully requested to take particular care that submissions are legible. Memoranda submitted to the Committee should be kept confidential until published by the Committee. Questions relating to this inquiry should be referred to Claire O'Shaughnessy, Committee Specialist 020 7 219 6755.

If you would like a copy of any House of Commons publications, and did not submit written or oral evidence to the relevant inquiry, then you may purchase them from The Stationery Office, General enquiries tel no.0870 600 5522, or access them via the Committee homepage on the Internet

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Press Notice 33/2001-02

2 January 2002

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