Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by Mr S W Shirley (NT 41)

  This is a bit late I know, for what its worth here are my comments on Basildon.

  From day one, houses knocked down that could have been incorporated into the new town, Harlow did it.

  Roads not wide enough.

  My daughter lived on an estate where the local council HAD TO PUT PAVEMENTS IN for goodness sake!

  A thatch cottage was demolished: I made enquiries. I was told it was UNTIDY!!! Now the Gifford House is going the same way.

  You have the Labour councillors making no effort to get borough status, we are still an Urban District Council. I think it's because Labour councillors can pass the back by saying it's the Tory District Council's fault we have no money to spend on roads and pavements.

  A FARCE. It is Tory versus Labour, Basildon is becoming a slum over Tory versus Labour.

  If Basildon New Town had been given independent status from the outset, like for instance Canary Wharf: one wonders? The Basildon New Town Corporation is still interfering in Basildon only under a different name.

  The Government should take over and sort the mess out.

S W Shirley

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Prepared 23 August 2002