Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Memoranda


Key Facts
New Town:Runcorn
Location:22 km south-east of Liverpool
Purpose:To provide housing and employment for people from Liverpool and North Merseyside
Designation Order:10 April 1964—Amalgamated with Warrington 1981
Wind up of Development Corporation:30 September 1989
Designated Area:2,930 ha
Population at Designation:28,500
Target Population:90-95,000 by the year 2000 allowing for natural increase to 100,000
Population 1991:64,400 (Census)
Population 1995:63,560 (Cheshire County Council, Registrar General's Annual Estimate)
Population 2000:62,730 (Registrar General's mid year estimate)
Local Government Area:Halton Borough Council (became Unitary Authority 1 April 1998)
Development Plan Status 2002:Halton Local Plan adopted April 1996. Halton Unitary Development Plan Draft (1st Deposit version) produced 2000. Revised Draft (2nd Deposit version) produced December 2001. UDP Public Inquiry anticipated October 2002
Major Developments 2002:Major new business development at Daresbury Park in south-east—allocated in addition to Master Plan designations for employment use. Significant developments in Manor Park employment area, particularly for distribution uses. Major investment in and around Halton Lea (formerly Runcorn Shopping City). Redevelopment of Castlefields area, including selective demolition of deck access flats to commence Spring 2002

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