Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 220 - 221)



  220. Clearance does not usually come in a day or two, does it?
  (Mr Kiley) No it does not, and we have written, once the Underground wrote to us, or Malcolm Bates wrote to us, LT, that the Government would be pursuing clearance in both areas, we then wrote to the European Commission indicating what some of our concerns were. We will probably be visiting Brussels in the very near future to elaborate with the appropriate officials.

  Andrew Bennett: Thank you very much.


  221. Mr Kiley, this Committee believes very strongly that London deserves a modernised and efficient and safe, powerful system, and we believe you are capable of producing that. I think, as always, you have contributed such clarity and helpfulness that we are incredibly grateful to you and we look forward to you not appearing here again until you have all these things up and running, so go away and do it please.
  (Mr Kiley) Chair, thank you very much, and we also welcome the report of this Sub-Committee. We think it has had a major impact, and I hope that none of us who are involved in this will surrender soon.

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Prepared 24 October 2002