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Select Committee on Transport, Local Government and the Regions Seventeenth Report



01  Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions

1A    Supplementary memorandum

02  Transport for London

03  First

04  Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority

05  National Express Group PLC

06  North Hertfordshire District Council

07  Local Government Association

08  National Federation of Bus Users

8A    Supplementary memorandum

09  Wokingham Unitary Authority

10  Confederation of Passenger Transport UK

10A    Supplementary memorandum

11  City of Stoke on Trent

12  Community Transport Association

13  Transport and General Workers Union

14  Passenger Transport Executive Group

14A    Supplementary memorandum

15  Lincolnshire County Council

16  Surrey County Council

17  Eastleigh Borough Council

18  Catalyst Corby

19  The Go-Ahead Group plc

20  Thurrock Council

21  Labour Finance & Industry Group

22  Planet Practice

23  Central and West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and Industry

24  Dr R J Langridge

25  Dr Roger Sexton

26  Transport 2000, Cambridgeshire & W Suffolk Branch

27  Sustainable Transport for the Eastern England Region (STEER)

28  Ray Wilkes Esq

29  National Pensioners Convention

30  South East Forum for Sustainability

31  Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers

31A    Supplementary memorandum

32  Department for Education and Skills

33  Health and Safety Executive

34  Harrogate District Community Transport Ltd

35  Wootton-Under-Edge Town Council

36  John Dowding Esq

37  Paul Kevill Esq

38  The Institute of Logistics and Transport

39  Northamptonshire County Council

40  Arriva Passenger Services Ltd

41  The Institution of Highways & Transportation

42  Office of Fair Trading

42A    Supplementary memorandum

43  Coventry City Council and Centro WMPTE

44  Unison

45  The Public Transport Consortium

46  Oxfordshire County Council

47  Devon County Council

48  Stagecoach Group plc

48A    Supplementary memorandum

49  Transport 2000

50  Avril Fox FLS

51  Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

52  Social Exclusion Unit

52A    Supplementary memorandum

53  YMCA

  1. Philip Longdon Esq


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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 12 September 2002