Select Committee on Trade and Industry Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 80-82)



  80. You might be able to re-look at it with Nirex about whether it is underground storage or whatever?
  (Mr Roche) I think any new organisation which is set up ought to have, as its remit, finding the best way to manage waste, rather than it being assumed that the waste goes down a deep hole. That would fit in with the basis upon which the current nuclear waste management consultation process has been carried out as well.


  81. I hope this does not seem an impertinent question but I think you have more interest in the police arrangements than any other body! Do you have any views on the new police authority?
  (Dr Parr) Actually it is the only chapter of the White Paper I have not read.
  (Mr Roche) I remember going to a meeting when the UKAEA police were first set up which was addressed by Robin Cook and he said that he had come top of the National Council for Civil Liberties' poll of the best MP every year up until the year when he had voted in favour of the setting up of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, but he felt that he had to do it because the material was there, plutonium was available for theft and so on, so I suppose I feel a bit like that about it all.

  82. Save your blushes. It is okay. Perhaps you want to send us a submission on that because I do not think we are going to get a lot of response now, but there is one last point. You have very kindly offered to give us the Sadnicki report which we are happy to have and I think that you want to take it on the basis that, if necessary, we could see comments from other people and let you have the comments hopefully within the time period that we are producing the report. We will certainly publish it in its entirety, but we might want comments from other people, if necessary, and we would offer you the chance to make a response. Is that acceptable? I know we are not going to put it in the domain, but if there are questions about the bookkeeping arrangements of UKAEA or, for that matter, BNFL or, for that matter, the DTI, I think they should be able to respond, and you have the right to comment on their responses. We will endeavour to do that within the time available and that is a big caveat, but if we can, we will. I would be prepared to accept the evidence from you on that understanding.
  (Dr Parr) That is acceptable to us.

  Chairman: Thank you very much. I just wanted to clear that up. If you have any other points you want to address when you read the last chapter, send us a note and we will be happy to receive it. Thank you very much.

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Prepared 12 August 2002