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Memorandum by SimsMetal UK Ltd


  Simsmetal UK Limited is a subsidiary of Simsmetal Limited, an Australian publicly listed company and one of the world's largest metals recycling and industrial services groups. Simsmetal UK is the second largest metals recycler in this country, handling approximately two million tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with a turnover of in excess of £100 million. The Company employs over 500 people and operates eight shredding/fragmentation plants across the Midlands, South Wales, South West and Home Counties.

  Simsmetal UK is a member of the British Metals Recycling Association ("BMRA") with representatives on its Executive Committee and ELV Focus Group. These representatives have been actively involved in the debate with Government, Motor Manufacturers and other affected parties with regard to the implementation of the End of Life Vehicle Directive.

  The position of Simsmetal UK is entirely consistent with that set out in the submission lodged by the BMRA on behalf of its membership. To reinforce the thrust of that submission, we would add the following points:

    —  The existing metals recycling industry infrastructure must be preserved as it presents the most cost effective means of offering a practical entry point for natural ELVs.

    —  Any new system must ensure that it does not result in a significant increase in the fly tipping of ELVs (by either depriving the last owners of ELVs of an accessible point of disposal or depriving metal recyclers or dismantlers of any incentive to accept natural ELVs).

    —  The UK shredding industry is a capital intensive and high productivity sector, often operating from premises with restricted space. It is not designed to cope with individual vehicles. Any system must not have the effect of impeding the ability of these operations to continue to function in this manner.

Chief Executive Simsmetal UK Limited

1 October 2001

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Prepared 6 December 2001