Select Committee on Trade and Industry Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 237-239)




  237. Good afternoon. Would you introduce yourselves?

  (Mr Green) My name is David Green, I am the Director of the Combined Heat and Power Association and my colleague with me is Graham Meeks who is the Deputy Director of the Combined Heat and Power Association.

  238. You are a trade association but you also have people within your ranks who generate electricity. Is that correct?
  (Mr Green) That is right. The Combined Heat and Power Association was formed in 1967, originally as the District Heating Association. It changed its name to the Combined Heat and Power Association in 1984. We have just over 100 members bringing together all the major companies who either manufacture, own or operate combined heat and power (CHP) in the UK. That includes people from both the private sector and the public sector. We have a number of local authorities who are members who operate community heating networks with CHP in the UK as well.

  239. Apparently about 4.6 GWe is produced by combined heat and power. What proportion of that is produced by your members?
  (Mr Green) Very roughly about 90 per cent of all CHP installations in the UK are owned and operated by CHP members. There are some in the paper and board industry and the food and drink industry, although we work closely with the relevant trade associations for those sectors, where the plant owners themselves, like in the paper and board industry, are not directly members of CHPA. Our members are by and large the people who operate the plant on site where there has been a third party involved or who operate it in hotels or leisure centres. Roughly about 90 per cent of the operating plant in the UK is operated by members of the Association.

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Prepared 3 May 2002