Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Annex B


    —  Enumeration districts planned (and maps produced) by ONS—1999 and 2000.

    —  Census Manager for Wales recruited (April 2000).

    —  100 Census Area Managers recruited (August 2000).

    —  Census Area Managers recruit 2000 Census District Managers (by November 2000).

    —  Maps distributed to Census District Managers November/December 2000.

    —  Census District Managers check maps and Enumeration Districts end 2000/early 2001 and advise of changes they thought necessary—some re-planning of Enumeration Districts and re-supply of maps early 2001.

    —  30 million Census Forms printed by Polestar (Lockheed Martin's subcontractor)—second half of 2000.

    —  Census Forms distributed by TNT to 2000 Census District Managers—January to March 2001.

    —  Census District Managers recruit 6,000 Team Leaders and 63,000 enumerators January to March 2001.

    —  Census District Managers appoint and allocate enumerators to Enumeration Districts (March 2001).

    —  9 April to Census Day—Enumerators familiarise themselves with their area and attempt to make contact with all households in their Enumeration Districts (up to three visits) and hand over forms.

    —  Forms left through letterbox if no contact made.

    —  Householders return Census Forms by mail—come into 70 sorting centres.

    —  Royal Mail return posted Census Forms to Census District Managers via Royal Mail local delivery offices (end April through May 2001).

    —  Census District Managers check-off posted returns and allocate enumerators (sometimes in teams) to follow-up non-posted forms (10 May to 18 May, extended in some areas to 28 May).

    —  Census Coverage Survey (24 May to 17 June).

    —  Enumerator and Team Leader duties cease (by end May).

    —  Census Area Managers cease duties (end June 2001).

    —  Census District Managers cease duties (mid-July 2001).

    —  Postal returns redirected to Census HQ (30 May onwards).

    —  TNT collect Census forms and take direct to Census Processing Office at Widnes (June 2001).

    —  Lockheed Martin start processing (Scanning, image recognition, and coding of Census Forms) starts at Widnes (mid-June 2001). Finishes end March 2002.

    —  Further (statistical) processing at Titchfield—September 2001 to June 2002.

    —  First Output August 2002.

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Prepared 26 November 2001