Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Annex C


  The following is a record of the Parliamentary process:

4 March 1999

  Publication of White Paper setting out the wording of the questions proposed in England and Wales, in Scotland, and in Northern Ireland. The proposals for topics were the culmination of an extensive period of consultation.

25 April 1999

  Census Rehearsal carried out in representative areas of England and Wales.

2 February 2000

  Census Order debated by House of Commons Committee.

16 February 2000

  Census Order debated in House of Lords.

15 March 2000

  Census Order made by Privy Council.

6 June 2000

  Census Forms (without religion question) laid before Parliament as part of Census Regulations. No MP or Peer objected.

27 June 2000

  Regulations came into force.

27 July 2000

  Census (Amendment) Bill (providing for question on religion) received successful Report and Third Reading in House of Commons.

28 July 2000

  Census (Amendment) Act 2000 given Royal Assent.

25 October 2000

  Census (Amendment) Order laid before Parliament. No objections made.

13 December 2000

  Census (Amendment) Order made by Privy Council.

21 December 2000

  Revised Census forms with the religion question laid before Parliament as part of the Amendment Regulations.

11 January 2001

  Amendment Regulations came into force.

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