Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 95 - 99)




  95. Sir John, welcome back to the Sub-committee. I think it is almost exactly a year since you last appeared, I sense that is probably about right, that kind of interval. Perhaps you would be good enough to identify yourselves formally for the record.

  (Sir John Kingman) I am John Kingman, the Chairman of the Statistics Commission, and on my right is Gill Eastabrook, the Chief Executive of the Commission.

  96. You are very welcome. When you first appeared before us you had only just been set up. Are you generally satisfied with the progress over the last year?
  (Sir John Kingman) No, I am not. I think we have been frustrated by a number of factors, of which the most important is certainly the non-appearance of the code of practice.

  97. Any other frustrations over the last year?
  (Sir John Kingman) Oh, yes. You know from our Annual Report that we have had difficulty getting responses on some matters from the Office for National Statistics. We have made representations about that. There have been a number of other minor factors but we have not got as far as we would have liked after 17 months. Until we get the code of practice we are very much held back in what we can do.

  98. You are dependent, are you not, simply on the producers of the statistics?
  (Sir John Kingman) Of course.

  99. You refer to issues that cause you concern in your report and you do point out that they can substantially delay your work.
  (Sir John Kingman) Yes.

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Prepared 11 January 2002